Foire de Paris 2014 - Porte de Versailles

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Thanks to Tram T3 go on a trip : Around the world to the Porte de Versailles


And discover in the middle of Paris an invitation the wealths of the world.


And discover in the middle of Paris an invitation the wealths of the world.


You will have the opportunity of travelling within cultures and traditions of the world by tasting the exotic scents and flavours by meeting men and women to original know-how. More than 50 countries are here to make you travel. Discover their heritage in the fields as varied as the culture, the gastromnomy, the crafts. Your 5 directions will be put in awakening to benefit from all these curiosities which make the daily happier.


Each year a country is put at the honor. This year, it is the Viêt - Nam for the France-Vietnam year.


The Fair of Paris and its animations are known in all France!


Fascinated by the kitchen will be charmed by the daily animation of Battles Culinary, the handymen will not miss the workshops by “I customize my house “and “Do-it-yourself and resourcefulness “, the inventors will study the projects subjected to the Big competition of the Innovation, the sportsmen will be able to be exerted on the walls of climbing, the contemplative ones will be filled with wonder at the poetic conferences, the concerned ones of their wellness will discover all the innovations of spaces health and the natural products.


The economic prices of the Tolbiac Hotel will enable you to keep your budget to benefit from all the wonders of the Fair of Paris at the Porte de Versailles. You will be there into 20 mn without tiredness !