Salon de la Moto (Motorcycle Fair), porte de Versailles from December 2nd to 8th 2014

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Affiche salon de la moto 2013 - Paris porte de Versailles

Touring-, sport-motorcycles, dirtbiking, scooter, quad bikes ; every motorcycle is at the Salon de la Moto, du Scooter et du Quad (Motorcycle-scooter-quad Fair).


The Salon de la Moto, in Porte de Versailles has become a reference. The largest manufacturers, as well as OEM, accesories and service companies gather at this biggest meeting.


The many broached topics, like security, environment, society and youth allow a complete information.



Special offer for bikers at the Hotel Tolbiac on the occasion of the Salon de la moto : single room with bathroom sink and TV for €45/night, including breakfast. Offer from December 6th, 7th and 8th.


The tramway T2 at the Station "Massena" takes you to Porte de Versailles in 20min. You will be able to enjoy the whole day to discover the wonderful motorcycles.


The Touring motorcycles : calm or fast, light or heavy, the touring ones take different shapes but cultivate a single function : taking you far away or just to your work place.


The GTs : what other motorcycle illustrates the best comfort and escape ? There are two different schools : the American one withe the Electra Glide, Gold Wing and California ; and the European one with BMW and japaneses bikes.


The Roadster : the roadster is not overburdened : an engine, a frame, two wheels, and full throttle !


The Trails :  the trail mixes the architecture of a dirt bike with the functionnalities of a road machine. The trails are popular among beginners and thrifty bikers or adventurers.


Les 125 : the 125 allow, in the first place, an easy learning of motorcycling and first emotions without having to get a specific driving license, the car driving license is enough for this since 1996...


The sports ones : the chosen field of sports ones is the circuit, the race and, more generally, any environment where pilots can operate their very high performances.


All-Terrain : the off-road motorcycles ahve nothing to envy to their touring cousins. This category offers, indeed, a large diversity. Motocross is adrenaline : grid starts, jumps, contact, ruts, support... The Enduro is freedom to ride where you want, off the beaten tracks.


Scooter : the favorite environment of the scooter remains the city and close suburbs. By there, you can perfectly operate its nerviness, easy handling ability and practical aspects.


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