Come and celebrate Valentine's Day in Paris !

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The Hotel Tolbiac joins the operation « Paris Romantique »




The origins

The association of the mid-February with love and fertility dates from the greek Antiquity. In the Attic calendar, the period from mid-January to mid-February was the month of Gamelion, dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera.


In ancient Rome, February 15th was called the Lupercalia or the Festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility. This pagan fest used to worship Juno, roman goddess of women and marriage, as well as Pan, the god of nature.


In the 14th century in England, it was believed that February 14th was the day when birds used to pair and girls used to try to find out who their husband was going to be . In order to do this, young girls looked at birds. According to the beliefs, if girls saw a robin, their husband was going to be a sailor. But if they saw a sparrow, they were going to have a happy marriage with a man of few wealthy.


French and English tradition

A French tradition born in Normandy called « valentinage » used to happen on February 14th. During « valentinage », girls used to put their name in a box and boys picked up the name of the girl who was going to be their Valentine for the next year. This tradition often led to marriages.


Why Valentine's Day ?

The most known legend tells the story of Valentine, who disobeyed the Emperor Claudius by secretly marrying young soldiers before they went to war. He was imprisoned and died on February 14th, a date that has become a tribute to him. Before he died, he left a letter to the watchman's daughter who used to come to visit him, signing « from your Valentine ».


Birth of the celebration

The celebration as we know it today is officially celebrated since 1969 as it has been added to the Christian calendar. Some customs and beliefs have disappeared over time, but love, tenderness and fertility are still related to this celebration. Even if the customs and rituals of different eras are not observed nowadays, some symbols and representations of Valentine's Day are still celebrated.


Nowadays, during this celebration, gift are often given to the loved one and many are those who take the opportunity to become engaged. In memory of Valentine, many cards are exchanged on this occasion.


The Hotel Tolbiac joins the operation « Paris Romantique »

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Shows in Paris are an opportunity to discover charming places. A good adress for shows.

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Valentine's day


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